Some Big News!

Apr 13, 2011 at 9:35 AM

Some exciting things are happening here at Yinon. One of them arrives next week … we’re moving! Yes, that is right. Next week Yinon Blog will be moving to our new home at

Old posts, images, and links will all still be available here. You will not have to change any links you currently maintain to (or It will simply happen that new content after next week will post to

There will also be other content at, including some News & Views about Messianic Jewish issues, a new blog by Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann (The Messianic Agenda), and the very popular blog, Messianic Jewish Musings by Rabbi Derek Leman will also be moving over to the new site.

For more on this exciting announcement, check out Rabbi Derek's announcement today.

Stay tuned for more info …


  1. James Says:

    Need any help moving? Maybe I can help with some boxes or grabbing one end of a heavy sofa. :-P

  2. Rabbi Joshua Says:

    LOL ... I'll let you know! ;)